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Rent a sportscar in Nuernberg

Almost completely destroyed in the second world war, the medival city of Nuernberg was restored and now looks as beautiful and charming as it used to. Nuernberg is the second largest city in Bavaria and was once the unoffical capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Also the German Kings used to live in the beautiful Kaiserburg that you can still visit and lionize.

The Hauptmarkt is the market square in Nuernberg and mostly famous for its Christkindlemarkt, propably the most famous German Christmas market. But also outside of the holiday season this place is used as an everyday food market ,where locals and tourists go shopping for vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese from the region. Nuernberg is a beautiful starting point for a roadtrip through the beatiful landscapes and cities of Bavaria. You can get your hired luxury car at the Nuernberg Airport and start your journey with elegance and style.