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About TGCars „TopGearCars“®

I founded TopGearCars beside my professional background as an international trademark lawyer with the aim to provide exceptional personalised service for the best European driving experience you can get.

We spare no effort that our clients can experience their best vacation driving tour for example through the Alps and Italy or the perfect business trip.
We will „care“ for you during your rental. That means not only that we are there for your needs but take all efforts to make your trip as safe as possible.

We also serve business clients and companies and organise incentives events and fullfil last minute requests and also extraordinary wishes.

Meanwhile we are awarded and recognised for our outstanding services and some even say that we do the rentals do nobody else can do 
as it happened some months ago when we delivered within exact 11 hours our pearl-white AMG GT from Munich to Belgrad for nobody else than the Formular 1 Driver Mika Häkkinen.

What international clients sometimes also don’t realise is when they book with a international car hire company over the internet that they might end up with a „broker“ who does not own any car. The result is that – whatever is promised – there is no garantuee that you get exactly the car you booked or even worse you get a car at all if the cars are booked with companies that offer cars but also don’t own them. Only one thing is sure: you pay the „reservation fee“ in advance. I only know one company that I rate as a trustable and competent business partner. It’s „European Luxury Car Hire“ – they often book cars for their clients with me and up to now I never (100% pass rate!) left them out in the rain (even if it is booked one day before when other companies can not supply the cars they promised) – 100% reliability.

If you would like to provide feedback or any aspect of our services, I really would like to hear from you.

See you soon. Grab the keys. Have fun.

Chris Zierhut